Assembly Committees

Committees are set up as standing working bodies to consider and discuss the issues within the competences of the Assembly, put forward acts, analyse the state of affairs in certain spheres and perform other tasks. Committees consist of one chairman and ten members, if not otherwise stipulated in the Rules of Procedure.

  1. Committee on Issues of Constitutional and Legal Status of the Province
  2. Committee on Administrative and Mandatory Issues
  3. Committee on National Equality
  4. Committee on Cooperation with the National Assembly Committees in Exercise of Competences of the Province
  5. Committee on Regulations
  6. Committee on Economy
  7. Committee on Agriculture
  8. Committee on Urban and Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection
  9. Committee on Budget and Finance
  10. Committee on Education and Science
  11. Committee on Youth and Sports
  12. Committee on Health, Social Policy, Labour, Demographic Policy and Social Child Care
  13. Committee on Culture and Public Information
  14. Committee on Petitions and Motions
  15. Committee on Organisation of Administration and Local Self-Government
  16. Committee on Establishing Equal Authenticity of Provincial Legislation in Languages in the Official Use
  17. Committee on Security
  18. Committee on European Integration and Interregional Cooperation
  19. Committee on Gender Equality

Pursuant to the Article 44 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the President of the Assembly, as agreed with presidents of deputies’ groups, shall propose candidates for presidents and members of committees, proportionally to the number of deputies these political parties have at the Assembly.

The Assembly may set up, from among deputies, the inquiry committees for the purpose of establishing the facts about certain developments or events. The Decision forming an Inquiry Committee lays down its composition and tasks.

The Assembly may set up commissions for the purpose of examining concrete issues of interest to the Province. An act on establishing the commission lays down its composition and tasks.