Committee on Organisation of Administration and Local Self-Government

The Committee on Organization of Administration and Local Self-Government shall consider motions for decisions and general acts and other issues in the field of organization, improvement of the work of the provincial administration authorities; the Provincial Ombudsman, the Province property; the electoral system in the Province; official use of the language and script. The Committee shall monitor and analyze the situation in the field of local self-government and inter-municipal cooperation; consider measures and development programmes which promote the building of the local self-government system; encourage inter-municipal linking; consider issues in the field of regional development and the establishment of Regional Development Agencies and other issues in this field.

Committee members

  1. Milan Vasiljević, President
  2. Aleksandar Mandić, Deputy President
  3. Milan Beara
  4. Maja Vitman
  5. Ivan Grujin
  6. Ljiljana Gusić
  7. Igor Kovačić
  8. Maja Mićić
  9. dr Viktor Molnar
  10. Nenad Radmanović
  11. Jasna Šproh

Secretaries of the Committees: Duško Radaković

Tel: +381 21 487-4135