Vice-President Dušan Jakovljev

Vice-President Dušan Jakovljev

Dušan Jakovljev was elected the Vice-President of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, at the constitutive session, held on 2 June 2016.

He is a member of the “League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina“and member of the Deputies’ Group “League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina” (LSDV).


Duties in the Assembly

  • The Vice-President of the Asembly of the AP Vojvodina



He was born on 30th July 1951 in Srpski Itebej.

He completed primary school and grammar school in Zrenjanin. He studied sociology in Belgrade.

He was editor-in-chief of the library editions of the Library in Zrenjanin. He is the author of the projects "Todor Manojlović" Fund and the "Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz" Fund, which presents the award for dramatic works every year, with the Serbian Library in Irig. He has initiated several editions and has published articles in national periodicals.

As of September 2000, he was a Federal MP and Head of the Deputies' Group "Vojvodina". He was a member of the delegation of Serbia and Montenegro in the Parliament of the Council of Europe, where he was engaged in the Committee on Culture, Science and Education and the Committee on Environmental Protection, Local and Regional Issues. In 2003 he was elected the Vice-President of the Executive Council of APV, and in 2004 he was appointed to this position for his second term of office. From 2008 to 2012, he was the Vice-President of the Government of the AP Vojvodina.

He has been a high-ranking member of the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina: since 1997, he has been a member of the Main Board of the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSDV); he was elected president of the Municipal i.e. City Board of the LSDV Zrenjanin for four times; during two terms of office, he was a member of the Executive Board of the LSDV, as well as the President of the LSDV Statutory Commission.

He was elected the Vice-President of the LSDV at the 4th regular LSDV congress, held in December 2001. He was re-elected at the next congress, in December 2005. At the 6th LSDV Congress held in December 2008, he was elected the President of the LSDV Political Council.


Contact information

e-mail: djakovljev@skupstinavojvodine.gov.rs

Tel: +381 21 487-4138

Fax: +381 21 456-107

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