Committee on Culture and Public Information

The Committee on Culture and Information shall consider motions for decisions and general acts and other issues related to the development and improvement of public information and broadcasting, consider content of the Assembly’s web page, consider issues related to informing the public about the work of the Assembly and other issues from this field, and regulation and protection of public interests of citizens of the AP of Vojvodina and issues related to the operation of media in the languages of national minorities - national communities, propose to the Assembly individuals to be nominated members of a shareholders company proportionally to the participation in the capital, shall consider issues pertaining to the work of the Provincial Public Broadcasting Service-RTV. The Committee shall consider the issues related to ensuring proper conditions to enable public informing also in the languages of ethnic groups and national minorities – national communities in the Province. The Committee shall consider motions for decisions and general acts and programme proposals for development activities in the field of culture, protection of cultural heritage, film, endowments, funds and foundations, library activities and other issues in the field of utilisation, improvement and management of cultural heritage, consider Cultural Development Programme of the AP of Vojvodina, consider motions for decisions and general acts and other issues relevant to ensuring the development of culture of people belonging to minority national communities, consider motions for establishing a network of libraries.

Committee members

  1. Dejan Mihaljica, President
  2. Dejana Krsmanović, Deputy President
  3. Svetlana Babić
  4. Aleksandar Đedovac
  5. Dušan Jakovljev
  6. Milica Kirćanski, MA
  7. László Kormányos
  8. Danijel Radić
  9. Mirjana Radojević
  10. Csonka Áron
  11. Marko Šijan

Committee Secretary: Biljana Majkić
Tel: +381 21 487-4143