Committee on Agriculture

The Agriculture Committee shall consider motion for programme for development of agriculture and villages and measures for encouraging development, motions for decisions and other general acts, and other issues in the field of: agriculture and rural development, food industry, livestock and veterinary medicine, water management and waters, forestry, wildlife management, aquaculture, beekeeping, use and upgrading of land and other areas.

Committee members

  1. Nenad Borović, President
  2. Nada Mandić, Deputy President
  3. Dragan Božić
  4. Sreten Jovanović
  5. Sanja Kovačević
  6. Dušan Korać
  7. Dejan Maksimović
  8. Ivica Milankov
  9. Stanka Mihajlov
  10. Lajos Pacsi
  11. Dušan Stipanović

Committee Secretary: Mirko Pisarić
Tel: +381 21 487-4860