Committee on National Equality

The Committee on National Equality shall consider motions for decisions and general acts with the purpose to monitor exercising the full equality between persons belonging to national minorities – national communities and those   belonging to Serbian ethnic group that is guaranteed by the Constitution; propose measures in the areas of education, culture, information and official use of languages and scripts and other issues; monitor exercise of the rights of the national minorities – national communities in accordance with the national legislation and international standards in the area of national equality.
The working body has a president and 14 members, four of which are, according to their titles, presidents of the committees the purview of which are the issues in the area of education, culture, information, official use of languages and scripts, and safety.

Committee members

  1. Bojan Kostreš, President
  2. Aleksandar Farkaš, Deputy President
  3. Tatiana Vujačić, Phd
  4. Lenka Erdély
  5. Jelena Jovanović
  6. Slađana Jovanović
  7. Dejan Mihaljica
  8. Vesna Prćić
  9. Dragan Stjepanović
  10. Pavel Surový
  11. Vesna Terzin
  12. Milan Ćuk
  13. Gizela Crkvenjakov
  14. Nemanja Šarčević
  15. Miroslav Španović, MA

Committee Secretary: Velimir Matanović
Tel: +381 21 457 662